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Next Challenge - you decide!

Monthly Video Game Craft Challenges

SUPER QUICK POLL!!!! Which one do you prefer doing?

Band sampler
Square sampler
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Rank 9 - Hammer Mario
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Re: Next Challenge - you decide!

Post by LinkIsMyHomeboy »

I may not be able to submit any this time around, but that idea seems to work the best. Makes it so the "burden" isn't on just one person, but many.

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Re: Next Challenge - you decide!

Post by blackmageheart »

OK dudes and dudettes, the first stage of the SAL will be starting tomorrow (Monday 29th May) :D
The first stage will basically be us all coming up with designs to be put forward for the actual stitching (or other crafting, if you're so inclined!)

I'll be making the first post at midnight UK time!
RMDC wrote:...I've been stitching at an estimated rate of almost a full BMH per day...

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