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Gen 6 Pokemon

video game related pattern requests...
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Gen 6 Pokemon

Post by aereese22 »

To chicken to attempt the epic gen 6 pattern. Wondering if y'all have any single patterns specifically for any of these Pokemon:

Aurorus,amura, amoratisse, dragalge, flotte, florges, flabebe, slurpuff, swirlix, skrelp, xerneas.

I love fairy Pokemon!
Thanks in advance!

P.s working on the 'fire all' Pokemon pattern at the moment. It's a blast. New to the cross stitching game. Check it out

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Re: Gen 6 Pokemon

Post by Firehawke »

It looks fantastic!

I haven't seen a pattern like that, but hopefully someone else has! Have you seen any images you like? It's possible that they might be able to get turned into a pattern.

Good luck!
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Re: Gen 6 Pokemon

Post by Pyper »

That's looking really good :)

Gen 6 (as far as I know) doesn't have any official sprites, but quite a lot of people have come up with their own. If you find a sprite artist you like for these ones I can put something together similar to the fire types you are already stitching.

Quick note - If its the pattern from this board that I put together a few years back I didn't include Magmar. You may be able to tuck it on one side (maybe behind arkanine or in front of ponyta) if you wanted to add it to the pattern. I should still have the KGChart pattern file and bmp images somewhere if you want.
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