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Pokemon pattern request - I choose project

video game related pattern requests...
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Pokemon pattern request - I choose project

Post by Plurbie »

Hi there!

I'm looking for someone to make the images of this series : ... e-project-
into 4 cross-stitch patterns. I'd like a big size , fabric and count doesn't matter as long as the images are nice :-)

The background doesn't have to be in the chart , I'd like to stitch them on a black background or something and make panels of them :-)

I asked the artist permission for this! He said sure as long as there's no money made out of it.

Many Many thanks! ^^

ps: I know Neni design on etsy has these but I don't know if the artist knows about this.

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Re: Pokemon pattern request - I choose project

Post by mbiogirlumd »

Whoa, those are cool! I'm sorry I don't have the skills to help you myself, I hope someone picks this up!

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