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Metroid and pacman needle felting.

Trade with other sprite stitch members...

Metroid and pacman needle felting.

Postby Ganondork on Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:25 pm

I learned to needle felt at an art camp over the summer. I have a Saria one too, but am not willing to trade :Link
:blinky :pac
Would anyone like to do a swap, preferably for a plushie or something 3d? Although, a nice stitch is fine too. Let me know :D
Rank 2 - Fire Mario
Rank 2 - Fire Mario
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Re: Metroid and pacman needle felting.

Postby CandidGamera on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:47 am

I would like to trade a cross stitch, if that's cool. You choose the design and I'll cross stitch it. I love the Metroid! Or if you don't want to part with any of them, I'll trade you a stitch for some tips on felting.
Rank 2 - Fire Mario
Rank 2 - Fire Mario
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