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DVDs up for grabs

Trade with other sprite stitch members...
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DVDs up for grabs

Post by QueenBex »

Anyone want any of these? All region 2 dvds...

The Exorcist
X-men-- origins wolverine, 1,2, or 3.
Flushed Away
Family Guy-- blue harvest, something something something dark side, it's a trap
I am Legend
Hestons Feast

For free or if you wanna trade I'm on a pokemon movie fix at the moment, still haven't got any of them though. Apparently the first movie has been discontinued...
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Re: DVDs up for grabs

Post by Lalina »

*pouts* I am interested but I live in the wrong region (I wanted Flushed-Away). You could probably sell the Family Guy dvd for a decent price. I know a lot of people who love it.

To be honest, the first pokemon movie was not that great. I did not enjoy it even though I had loved the show at the time. I would just marathon season 1 or 2 episodes in place of watching the movie :p
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